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All the scientific and research fields focused on nuclear installations, nuclear materials, or sources of ionising radiation have to necessary deal with establishing and maintaining nuclear safety and security. Thus graduates of this study program have a broad spectrum of career opportunities in such areas. Graduates will be able to adapt to their work quickly, and they will also be able to solve a wide range of problems thanks to their extensive knowledge in this field. All the graduates will be ready to solve various interdisciplinary scientific tasks in international research teams.

Graduates will find employment opportunities in institutions operating nuclear installations such as nuclear power plants, storages of spent nuclear fuel, long-term repositories of spent nuclear fuel and sources of ionising radiation (e.g. CEZ group, The Czech Radioactive Waste Repository (SÚRAO), ENEL-SE, JAVYS, Diamo s.p., Nuvia a.s., VF a.s.) or in-state administration (SÚJB, ÚJD, SÚRO, SÚJCHBO, SÚRAO, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or even in-state research institutions (Czech Academy of Sciences). In such state departments and national organisations, graduates will find their place as highly specialised experts creating concepts and setting objectives of synergy development of safety and security of nuclear installations, nuclear materials and sources of ionising materials. Graduates may find employment opportunities even in highly specialised police task forces focused on developing methods and means of detecting and tracing lost, smuggled or differently misused nuclear materials and sources of ionising radiation.

Graduates may find employment opportunities also in international organisations and institutions which are focused on safety and security of nuclear installations, sources of ionising radiation and forensic analysis of nuclear materials such as the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna (IAEA), European Atomic Energy Community in Luxemburg (EURATOM), Joint Research Centre in Petten (JRC), Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris (OECD/NEA), etc.