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The topics of doctoral study and dissertation thesis listed below are currently being solved:

  1. Methods used for experimental evaluation of the characteristics of the spent nuclear fuel – the synergy of the nuclear fuel safety and security (supervisor: Ing. Jan Frýbort, PhD.)
  2. The use of non-pilot aircraft devices for radionuclides monitoring (supervisor: RNDr. Lenka Thinová, PhD.)
  3. Increasing accuracy of the material activity concentration determination in the storage cask via calculation tomography (doc. Ing. Tomáš Vrbka, Phd.)
  4. The role of radon in the population exposure in the locations near the ecological burden (doc. Ing. Tomášek Trojek, PhD.)
  5. The identification and characterisation of the particles of the nuclear material via selected analytical methods (RNDr. Jan Lorinčík, CSc.)
  6. The forensic analysis of the radioactive materials via radiometric and mass-spectrometric methods (doc. Ing. Mojmír Němec, PhD.)
  7. The forensic analysis of the microscopic particles of the nuclear materials using the SIMS method (RNDr. Jan Lorinčík, SCs.)