Tradition commits

We are proud to be part of the oldest non-military technical university in Europe with more than three hundred years of tradition. We are honoured to be able to build on the work of the founders of nuclear education and nuclear research in Czechoslovakia, professors Václav Petržílka, František Běhounek and Čestmír Šimáně.

Our teaching

Our multidisciplinary doctoral program results from close cooperation between four departments from two CTU faculties - the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology. Today, top-notch education cannot be carried out without experimental teaching, so it is in our program.

Our research

Our teaching is connected with four research directions: safety and security of nuclear facilities, safety and security of sources of ionizing radiation, forensic analysis of nuclear and dual-use materials, cyber safety of nuclear facilities.

Our laboratories

In teaching and research, we use the School Reactor VR-1, the Laboratory of Physical Safety of Nuclear Facilities, the Laboratory of Cyber Safety of Nuclear Facilities, the Laboratory of Forensic Analysis of Nuclear Materials, Dosimetric and Spectrometric Laboratories, Radiochemical and Instrumental Laboratories, etc.

Domestic cooperation

We have long-term cooperation with several domestic academic and scientific workplaces, industrial or state organizations, such as ČEZ, Řež Research Center, SÚRAO, JAVYS, Škoda JS, Nuvia, Chemcomex, Alvel, UJP, ÚJV Řež, SÚJB, SÚRO, SÚJCHBO, ČMI, etc.

International cooperation

We cooperate with important foreign scientific and academic institutions, such as the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and the University of Tennessee in the USA, Transuranium Elements, JRC, Germany - EURATOM, IAEA, etc.

System message

Doctoral program Safety and Security of nuclear installations and forensics analyses of nuclear materials and its scientific and research activities are focused on safety and security of nuclear installations, nuclear materials and sources of ionising radiation and their links to safety and forensics methods in the field of nuclear science and engineering.

A unique feature of the program is the scope of the safety of nuclear installations, nuclear materials, materials of dual-use and sources of ionising radiation and its connections to safety, mainly in the field of emergency preparedness and analytical methods applied in nuclear forensic analysis. Such connections between the safety, security, accident prevention and analytical methods used in nuclear forensic analysis with many synergy effects significantly differentiate this study program from existing study programs, and it will create possibilities for highly specialised education for students not only from the Czech Republic but also for students from regions of central Europe. This study program even has an ambition of global reach.